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12 September 2013 - May 2014

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By William Shakespeare

A tempestuous journey from scandal and intrigue to lust and vengeance.

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four stars
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@UniHertsArts. Consensus, chatting to others who also saw @icarustheatre 'Othello' here in Derry is it is a must-see production!


@icarustheatre thoroughly enjoyed the multi-talented performances of the Icarus Theatre actors. Looking forward to your next play already!

@icarustheatre @UCHLimerick it was fantastic ....a talented bunch of people ye have there :-)

- Diane Flanagan, Audience member.



Just been to see your production of Othello in Limerick. Absolutely brilliant. Terrific acting by everyone. Well done.

- Joy Munday

Have been to yesterday's performance of Othello - was absolutely amazing! Haven't seen anything like that for ages! Congrats.

- Anna Kirchmaier



I'm new to the area and have been twice in the last month - Nosferatu read through and Othello. Both were brilliant and way more than I expected. Excellent Stuff - Keep it up!”

Audience member Barnsley Civic

Othello was phenomenal! Went last night with my friend Mel and we both thought it was full of energy, the set was really imaginative and the actors were really talented

Audience member Theatre Severn

Would like to congratulate you all on a brilliant performance tonight. I studied this play 30 years ago (O level) but have NEVER seen such a clever interpretation. The musical element was inspired! Absolutely MADE it for me (though I suppose we should also credit The Bard for his words!).

Buxton Opera House, Claire

We wish to say how very much we enjoyed the production of the above. From beginning to end it was a delight to be present. We are in our seventies, love theatre and opera. Your production gave us much new thought. The use of musical instruments to enhance the language was a surprise and joy. We were given the opportunity to experience Shakespeare with new eyes and ears. Very nice for oldies. Many thanks indeed

John and Cheri Pinner, Audience Members - Macrobert Theatre

Workshop Feedback

...A wonderful production of 'Othello' in Armagh Marketplace Theatre yesterday. We took our Y14 students and the production has given us a lot to work from in terms of their final exam. I want to take this opportunity to thank Kate Brown for arranging the post production workshop. I sent a form in to Kate outlining the type of thing I was looking for and Alice and Deborah were super! They pitched the exercises and information at exactly the right level and the content was specific to our needs. The girls must have been tired after the performance but gave it their all!!! Many thanks to all involved and congratulatinos on a super production.

- Sacred Heart Grammar School, Newry


We were delighted that a touring theatre company took time out of their performance schedule at the Brunton Theatre, to come to Loretto on Wednesday. They worked with second to sixth form on Shakespeare’s audience, verse and etiquette. We had great fun playing around with insults, learning how to bow correctly and discovering that audience noise was expected at every performance!

To help with one of their GCSE texts, the fifth form had the chance to interview Iago, a character in Othello described as ‘the ultimate villain’. To begin with, pupils displayed typical Lorettonian politeness, but it wasn’t long before Iago’s disturbed mind forced them into interrogating Iago Taggart-style, demanding why he wanted to ruin Othello’s life. 

- Loretto School, Musselburgh


2009 Feedback

'My wife and I went to see the show last Saturday and really enjoyed it. The music worked particularly well and added an extra dimension to the show. Well done to everyone involved.'

- Barry Cannam


'I was lucky enough to see your production of Othello at South Hill Park on Friday 18th Sept., and I must congratulate you all on a wonderful performance. I thought the cast were magnificent and that the whole evening was spell-binding!'

- Anita Harris


'I just had to e-mail and say WOW!!! We thoroughly enjoyed last night's performance at South Hill Park; the set was fabulous, the music divine, and suddenly the play was alive for us as both my daughter and myself are studying it, for A level and English degree respectively.'

- Anita and Faye Bowden


'I went to see your production of Othello with my school and really enjoyed it. I was worried I wouldn't be able to understand the plot as we hadn't studied it in much detail, but the performance and especially the music made it clear what was happening. I loved the mixture of the music with the speech and think it worked perfectly.'

- Lauren Alsop


'My wife, son, and I have just come back from a stunning and brilliantly original performance of Othello here in Stirling. It wasn't a full house but we really hope that your company will come back to the MacRobert. Plaudits all round.'

- Leslie Smith


'I just wanted to say that I saw the production of Othello at Harrogate Theatre on Saturday night and it was one of, if not the best performance I've ever seen. It was so refreshing not to see any gimmicks, just absolutely fantastic acting by everyone. The musical accompaniment worked brilliantly and I couldn't believe how talented all the actors and actresses were.

Many thanks for an incredibly enjoyable and memorable evening. It's just such a shame the theatre was only half full - more fool the people of Harrogate, who probably decided to stay in and watch X Factor instead!'

- Jayne Barnes


'I just had to respond to the production of Othello - fantastic, although heavy subject matter.  From the inspired idea of using music, the actors' ability and the set design.

I do so hope that you will return to South Essex, as it is in dire need of such fine and wide range thinking quality productions. I, like everyone I spoke to last night, knew it was a great production.'

- Jane Conibear


'I am writing to say how moved and impressed I was with Othello. I managed to see it your first night; I am so glad I did. Normally I don't ever step out of the Shakespearian world being presented before me, to connect what I am seeing and feeling with my life or my experiences, but your production made this occur. It was just enormously satisfying to experience, clear ("Speak the speech trippingly..."!), beautifully balanced and paced, with the music and playing of the music so richly and pertinently used, and really wonderfully cast, a better Shakespeare than many RSC shows.

The central relationship between Desdemona and Othello is exquisitely played - I particularly loved the getting ready for bed scene and strangling. A couple next to me felt this was the best Shakespeare they had seen also. The woman was a teacher (read English at Cambridge and taught secondary) and they remarked on the clearness and power of the production to completely hold and move them to the point of being emotionally wrought. The man was visibly shocked by his reaction emotionally.

Congratulations to all involved; lighting, producing [etc., and] particularly Vinta - his manipulation and use of the language and understanding of the emotional trajectory of Othello the rightful jewel in its crown.'

- Verity Hewlett


'I was thoroughly entertained and moved by your production of Othello
last night.  I took my daughter and a friend who are about to study Othello for A' level and I thought I was chiefly being a taxi driver as I drove them all the way down from Basingstoke.  What a treat was in store for me! The string playing throughout the play was most effective and enhanced the emotions and atmosphere. It became quite natural to have the strings as an extension of the acting.

This is the first time I was moved to tears by a Shakespeare tragedy,
as the parts of Othello and Desdemona were so movingly and humanly
portrayed. Every one of the actors was superb: their energy was almost
palpable. I would love to see this production all over again and am
wondering about a drive down to Cheltenham or another theatre in the
south bringing my husband and friends.

Congratulations to all the cast and production team! My daughter and her friend loved it also!'

- Maria Murray Brown


'Absolutely brilliant! I brought my 8 & 10 year old and they loved it. The best Shakespeare I have seen and the addition of the string instruments really helped to portray the mood.'

- Liz Wiltshire


'I wanted to write with my congratulations on such a brilliant production of Othello. I was there for the Saturday evening performance at the Chipping Norton Theatre with my wife and daughter and we all thought it quite remarkable. You proved that great drama doesn't require lavish production and a cast of thousands if the players have got to the heart of the matter, the essence. I cannot think of a Shakespeare production which moved me more or which captured all aspects of the drama. All the actors deserve the highest praise, but my wife and I were struck by the force of Laura Durrant playing Emilia, a part frequently overshadowed by the greater figures in the play, but played with such true feeling on this occasion.

It was a shame that relatively few were there to see you on Saturday. I shall also write to the Theatre to ask them to keep booking you! Do, please, come back soon.'

- Dr Lawrence Goldman


"I've seen many productions of Othello over the years and this was amongst the best. Obviously if the show hadn't been forced to stop and start it would have kept the momentum going more but I was still captivated by the performances, particularly that of Iago, who was excellent. I wasn't sure about the music at first but I was won over by the end. It added a different colour to the palette and helped bring out the bittersweetness of many points of [the text]"

- Brian Proctor


"I thought it was a lovely production, very well acted and with a strong sense of atmosphere. If I was to criticise it I would say that the movement was a little poor and restricted but that was probably partly to do with the musical instruments. The performances were wonderful and I was surprised to see that the actor playing Roderigo was in his first professional acting job as he was fabulous."

- Jane McKenzie


I saw the show last night and LOVED it! I felt the music complemented the text beautifully and... carried the scene changes effortlessly into each other. I loved the Iago/Roderigo scene where Iago goes so far as to use reverse psychology and give the dagger to Roderigo, and I was also in disbelief when Othello is having a seizure and Iago is about to kill him before being interrupted - beautiful choices!

Othello himself was an awesome figure, I never really liked the character but I have never been shown so much of him before, a real gift for an actor such as you have, who has the pedigree for the commitment!

The whole cast were great and came across as a solid ensemble complementing each other, and the set design was really clever.

- Donald Morrison


Just a wee note to say how much I enjoyed Othello.  It was really beautiful.

- Fiona Drummond


We saw Othello at the Bacon Theatre Cheltenham on Fri 13 November.
Although long-time Shakespeare fans this was our first Othello and what a stunning production! The language of Othello seems richer and more dense that his other plays but the cast interepreted and spoke the poetry with great clarity and the characters were well-drawn. You can understand how Othello is drawn into a web of suspicion by the wholly-believable Iago who makes cunningly use of every opportunity that comes his way.  All three women, Desdemona, Emilia and Bianca were  wonderfully played.  It is in part a play about perceptions, how we understand other people's motives, and although set in another age it really speaks to us today.  Congratulations and thanks to the cast and the whole production team.

- Peter and Jenny Weeks


I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed this performance. I must admit when I heard the part of Iago would be read I was sceptical but my fears were totally unfounded. This was a compelling, enjoyable and utterly engaging production and one of the best I have seen. I am now firmly of the opinion that it is possible to let the show go on with a performer carrying a script when the circumstances dictate. I also loved the extra dimension of the music and would like to pass on my admiration to all the cast and crew of this excellent show.

- Anne Westland

The play had some unique and clever techniques and the characters were portrayed very well by the actors, especially in the final scene. I feel watching Othello at the Tacchi-Morris arts centre has deepened my understanding of Othello as a play and I would recommend it to any English/ Drama student and anyone who was interested in Shakespeare.

- Emily Sanders


I thought Othello was magical. I am a Shakespeare novice and wasn't sure how I would enjoy the performance but have to say that it was the best theatre experience I have ever had.

- Anne Gould




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The Lesson by Eugène Ionesco

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The Lesson Eugène Ionesco

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in 15 of 17 reviews

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The Lesson Eugène Ionesco

"Max Lewendel's production succeeds by the strength of its acting and the steadily increasing tension."

Jeremy Kingston, The Times


The Lesson Eugène Ionesco

"Directed so specifically that the beast of chaos that charges through Ionesco's work like his own rhinoceros is safely routed through the play."

Rebecca Banks, Ham & High


The Lesson Eugène Ionesco

"A daring production by an energetic new company, the London-based Icarus Theatre Collective, it pulls no punches in its visceral pursuit of pure absurdism."

Daniel Lombard,
South Wales Argus


The Lesson Eugène Ionesco

Premiul special al juriului
Special Jury Prize:
Cash prize from Romania

The Lesson Eugène Ionesco

Premiul pentru cea mai buna actrita ín rol principal
Best Actress in a Leading
Role: Amy Loughton

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Icarus Theatre fly into London on waxen wings, which, after this compelling production, show no sign of melting any time soon.

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Nigh-on Faultless. The cast are, one and all, magnificent.

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Von Magdalena Marek, Newsline

by William Shakespeare

"Particularly haunting is the piece because of the use of music and sounds, designed by Theo Holloway. The effect is outstanding".

Von Magdalena Marek, Newsline

by William Shakespeare

"Max Lewendel's production is fast-paced and pulls the audience straight in... Outstanding".

Von Magdalena Marek, Newsline

by William Shakespeare

"The play explodes into action with a high-powered fight sequence using real swords, axes and spears that superbly captured the intensity of battle".

Robin Strapp, British Theatre Guide

Journey's End
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"A powerfully emotive production."

Julie Watterston, The Stage

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Aleks Sierz, The Stage

Coyote Ugly by Lynn Siefert

"The five-member cast fill the dim confines of the theatre like a desert storm".

Le Roux Schoeman,
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Coyote Ugly by Lynn Siefert

"This sexy, steamy drama really hits home, especially after delivering the scorpion sting in its tail".

Philip Fisher,
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The Lesson Eugène Ionesco

"Comedy, tragedy, fear, mystery, sex, violence, disturbance: The Lesson has them all".

Eleanor Weber,
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The Lesson Eugène Ionesco

"It is impossible not to enjoy Icarus Theatre Collective’s production of Ionesco’s one-act play".

The Stage

Coyote Ugly by Lynn Siefert

"The cast navigates the perilous emotional terrain with aplomb".

Visit London (Totally London)

Coyote Ugly by Lynn Siefert

"Sizzling bursts of desire and hate among the North American sands".

Timothy Ramsden,
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Albert's Boy
by James Graham

Victor Spinetti is outstanding."

Cheryl Freedman,
What's On in London

Albert's Boy
by James Graham

"A beautifully crafted piece."

Joanna Bacon,
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The Lesson Eugène Ionesco

"The Icarus Theatre collective's production of Eugène Ionesco's absurdist masterpiece is brilliant. A fast-paced, sixty-five minute screaming journey from a bare classroom into utter chaos."

Kevin Hurst, Extra! Extra!

Many Roads to Paradise
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Gene David Kirk,
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-Jane Edwardes, Time Out

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Team Locals

Romeo & Juliet
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"An excellent take on a globally-renowned tale of true love."

Take on the Road by Lauren Razavi

Romeo & Juliet
William Shakespeare

"Props to Icarus Theatre Collective for putting on such a fantastic show."


Team Locals

Romeo & Juliet
William Shakespeare

"A fresh and invigorating version of this time-honoured romantic tragedy."

Darlington & Stockton Times - Christina McIntyre

The Time of Your Life
William Saroyan

"Fine performances from the 26-strong cast."

-Michael Billington, The Guardian

The Lesson Eugène Ionesco

"You can reach out and touch the emotional atmosphere."

-Julienne Banister,
Rogues & Vagabonds

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